End-to-end Benchmark for Multi-party AR Sarita Adve / Univ. of Illinois
Ada Gavrilovska / Georgia Tech
Demonstrating a Scalable and Flexible ADA Accelerator Communication Interface via HammerBlade+Spandex Sarita Adve / Univ. of Illinois, Chris Batten / Cornell University, Mike Taylor / Univ. of Washington
Hardened Patterns for SimpleChisel Tim Rogers / Purdue Univ., Todd Austin / Univ. of Michigan
Proxy-Web: A Proxy App Suite for Production Web Services David Brooks / Harvard Univ., Baris Kasikci / Univ. of Michigan, Tim Rogers / Purdue University
Compiling computational blocks to accelerators Todd Austin / Univ. of Michigan, Valeria Bertacco / Univ. of Michigan
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of ЯI Adrian Sampson / Cornell Univ. / Saman Amarasinghe / MIT
HEAL: Implementing a Hardware Encrypted Arithmetic Library using High-Level Generation (PyMTL) and Synthesis (Dahlia) Frameworks Chris Batten / Cornell Univ., David Brooks / Harvard University, Adrian Sampson / Cornell University
Tiramisu to FlexNLP Saman Amarasinghe / MIT, Gu-Yeon Wei / Harvard University
From DSLs to Accelerator-rich Platform Implementations: Addressing the Mapping Gap The 3LA Project: TVM + ILA + FlexNLP Sharad Malik / Princeton Univ., Zach Tatlock / Univ. of Washington, Gu-Yeon Wei / Harvard University

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