The Applications Driving Architectures Center (ADA), based at the University of Michigan, aims to streamline and democratize the design and manufacturing of next-generation computing systems.



Task Liaison Meetings

ADA Center students present their research at online task liaison meetings each Wednesday. Task liaisons and other interested sponsors are invited to join. Registration is not necessary, but please visit our complete liaison meeting schedule for info on how to attend each meeting.

Interactive Debugging for Hardware Accelerators

at ET
Griffin Berlstein
Cornell University PhD Student

Characterizing and optimizing end-to-end private inference

Karthik Garimella
at ET
Karthik Garimella
New York University PhD Student

- PyMTL3 Retrospective
Peitian Pan, PhD Student (Cornell University)
- Fine-grain SIMD Acceleration
Alireza Khadem, PhD Student (University of Michigan)



Visit ADA's directory of students and postdoc researchers to find interns and permanent hires available for both industry and academic opportunities.



ADA Center News

MICRO 2022
Best paper nominee and 3 papers submitted by ADA students and PIs at MICRO 2022
September 30, 2022

University of Michigan CSE authors present four papers at MICRO 2022 including thirteen CSE co-authors who had work accepted at the conference and one Best Paper nominee by ADA students and PI.… more

Wei Lu Award Recognition
University of Michigan Professor Wei Lu will receive the Distinguished University Innovator of the Year Award
September 27, 2022

For his pioneering efforts in the development and commercialization of novel electrical devices, Dr. Wei Lu, professor of electrical engineering and computer science and founder of… more

ADA students and PIs present 12 papers and 1 poster at TECHCON 2022
August 29, 2022

This year's TECHCON, hosted by the Semiconductor Research Center (, is set to have a large ADA research presence. We're pleased to recognize 13 Ph.D.… more

Valeria Bertacco
Valeria Bertacco named Mary Lou Dorf Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
August 11, 2022

Prof. Valeria Bertacco has been named the Mary Lou Dorf Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering in recognition of her contributions in advancing the field of computer architecture… more

The Persistence of Non-Volatile Memory: Exploiting the Growing Design Space
August 4, 2022

Computer architects should be looking towards alternative memory technologies as a compelling strategy to address the memory wall, especially in the context of increasing on-chip memory capacity… more

ISCA 2022
PI Sarita Adve Gives Keynote at ISCA 2022
July 26, 2022

Computing is on the brink of a new immersive era. Recent innovations in virtual/augmented/mixed reality, collectively referred to as extended reality or XR, show the potential for a new immersive… more

About ADA

As the computing industry struggles to maintain its historically rapid pace of innovation, the ADA Center, based at the University of Michigan, aims to streamline and democratize the design and manufacturing of next-generation computing systems.

The Applications Driving Architectures Center (ADA) is developing a transformative, "plug-and-play" ecosystem to encourage a flood of fresh ideas in computing frontiers such as autonomous control, robotics and machine-learning.

Today, analysts worry that the industry is stagnating, caught between physical limits of the size of silicon transistors and the skyrocketing costs and complexity of system design.

According to Center Director Valeria Bertacco,"The electronic industry is facing many challenges going forward, and we stand a much better chance of solving these problems if we can make hardware design more accessible to a large pool of talent. We want to make it possible for anyone with motivation and a good idea to build novel high-performance computing systems."

The center is a five-year project that includes researchers from several leading universities.


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