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Five University of Michigan EECS faculty and ADA PIs receive Ted Kennedy Family Faculty Team Excellence Award 02/17/2023
ADA's presence at MICRO 2022 included an organized workshop and tutorial, four publications and a Best Paper Award 10/27/2022
University of Michigan Professor Wei Lu will receive the Distinguished University Innovator of the Year Award 09/27/2022
ADA students and PIs present 12 papers and 1 poster at TECHCON 2022 10/26/2022
Valeria Bertacco named Mary Lou Dorf Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering 08/11/2022
The Persistence of Non-Volatile Memory: Exploiting the Growing Design Space 08/04/2022
PI Sarita Adve Gives Keynote at ISCA 2022 07/26/2022
ADA researchers present at Design Automation Conference 07/29/2022
IBM PhD fellowship awarded to Yongmo Park 07/26/2022
Lauren Biernacki Wins Award for Outstanding Instructors and Instructional Aides of 2021-2022 06/20/2022
ADA Ph.D. Students Present Papers at ISCA 2022 06/17/2022
ADA Center Hosts In-Person Annual Symposium 05/29/2022
Illinois ADA Students and ADA PI Sarita Adve win Best Paper Award for ILLIXR at IISWC 2021 05/24/2022
ADA Center Hosts Hybrid Fall Symposium 05/24/2022
$1 Million Grant From NSF Bolsters ILLIXR as Community Infrastructure for Extended Reality Research 05/24/2022
PyTorchFI Added to the Official PyTorch Ecosystem 05/24/2022
Four ADA Liaisons Recognized with 2021 Mahboob Khan Outstanding Liaison Awards 05/24/2022
ILLIXR Highlighted as JUMP Research Success Story at an ISCA’21 Panel 05/24/2022
Valeria Bertacco Wins Elvira Poli Alumni Award 09/08/2022
ADA PIs Thomas Wenisch and Adrian Sampson Recognized at 2021 ISCA 06/16/2021
2021 Lynn Conway Research Award 05/24/2021
UM PI Todd Austin and UM PhD student Lauren Biernacki have written an article for The Conversation about the Morpheus secure processor. 05/24/2021
ILLIXR Team to Present at NVIDIA GTC 04/09/2021
MIT ADA Researchers win Best Paper Award at the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) 03/25/2021
U-M Africa Week 02/11/2021
Princeton ADA Researchers win DATE 2021 Best Paper Award 02/02/2021
ADA PI Todd Austin Receives a MICRO 2020 Test of Time Award 01/18/2021
ADA PI David Brooks Recognized as 2020 ACM Fellow 01/15/2021
ADA Ian Neal Paper Accepted to FAST'21 12/15/2020
ADA Center Hosts First Virtual Hackathon 11/17/2020
Baris Kasikci Recognized as Rising Star by Intel 10/16/2020
Sarita Adve Gives Keynote at PACT 2020 10/14/2020
Adve Fights to Offset Discrimination and Harassment in her Research Community 10/01/2020
ADA PI Baris Kasikci Receives 1.8 Million Grant for Ironpatch Research 08/26/2020
Valeria Bertacco and Gu-Yeon Wei Present at the ERI Summit 08/20/2020
ADA Papers Accepted to OSDI and USENIX 08/17/2020
Todd Younkin Appointed President and CEO of Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) 08/10/2020
Valeria Bertacco Gives Commencement Address at the UM-SJTU Joint Institute 08/07/2020
ADA Center Director Valeria Bertacco Gives Commencement Address 08/06/2020
FPBench Workshop Hosted by ADA PI Zach Tatlock 07/30/2020
ADA Center Director Valeria Bertacco Gives Keynote at ISCA 07/30/2020
ADA Annual Symposium 2020 06/16/2020
Illinois Team Releases ILLIXR 04/21/2020
CARES Movement Receives the 2020 CRA Distinguished Service Award 04/21/2020
Todd Austin named the S. Jack Hu Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering 04/21/2020
Margaret Martonosi Starts a New Position as Head of Computer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate for NSF 04/21/2020
Reetu Das Recieves a 2019 Intel Outstanding Research Award 04/21/2020
ADA Student Andrew McCrabb Recognized with Towner Prize 04/21/2020
ADA Launches New Projects 03/03/2020
ADA Hosts Third Student Hackathon! 01/14/2020
MilSpec 12/06/2019
ADA Develops New Tool for gem5 Simulations 12/05/2019
JUMP Center Panel Featured at DAC 2019 09/29/2019
Specialization Trend is Just Beginning, Bertacco Tells EE Times 04/03/2019
Addisie wins Academic Achievement Prize 03/22/2019
ADA to Lead JUMP Center Benchmarks and Metrics Workshop 07/24/2019
Five ADA PIs have IEEE Micro Top Picks Papers 09/29/2019
Adve Lectures at Techfest 09/29/2019