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Publication Submission - Use this form to submit a paper, presentation, thesis, or other publication related to your ADA research.

  • All papers must be submitted to ADA at least 67 days prior to publication or presentation date. 
  • All publications must have an ADA/JUMP Center acknowledgment, at a minimum: "This work was supported by the Applications Driving Architectures (ADA) Research Center, a JUMP Center co-sponsored by SRC and DARPA."

Software Description - Use this form to submit a description of software related to your ADA research. 

Academic Internship Application - To apply for the ADA Academic Internship Program (ADA-AIP).

Research Exchange Visit Application - To apply for ADA's Research Exchange Visit program

Foreign Travel Request - If you are traveling outside the United States (including to Canada) for ADA research, complete this form at least 1 week prior to your travel. If you are presenting a paper, your paper must have been submitted to ADA/SRC. 

e-Workshop Presenter Form - If you are scheduled to present a quarterly ADA/SRC e-Workshop, complete this form at the request of ADA staff.